Classic Imagery is a full service studio, we cover most photography avenues. We have classically trained staff that can help you with all your needs. We can travel just about anywhere to get the portraits you are looking for anywhere in the USA or in any county you want.


In the world of “local, national, international” business, photography takes on many different hats. Each stile of business requires different releases for advertising. We can go to the business place for custom portraits or in our studio. On location we can cover all employees or just the administration. For example many businesses like to have an employee go to our studio for “Employee of the month” portraits then display them for customers and fellow workers to see then get inspired.


Children portraiture is very special to each parent and we cover all children from new born to young adult. We’ll take time to consult with you and find out what you are looking for and have you fill out our questioner. We will take the time with each little one to get those images no parent can resist.


A prelude to one of your biggest days of your life! We love new beginnings and this is one of the biggest. Each person and couple are unique, we strive to show this in your engagement session. Our engagement sessions can be just about anywhere you can think of, we have been all over the US for sessions. We also will have you fill out the questioner then sit down with you for your personal consultation to get everything right.


Family is the core of most, for your family session it can be at the studio on location with 2 people or 100+ people (studio does have a limit to number of people). We will consult with you, have you fill out our questioner so we will get the heirlooms that every family should have then pass it down for generations.


Pets are just like family and like family portraits we will consult with you then have you fill out the questioner. Pet portraits are fun filled affair when having them photographed by themselves or including them with you in your portraits. We love pets from the big to the small each have their own personality and have a place in our hearts.


Here we have family heirlooms that need to be fixed/restored we do not touch the original images and they do not leave the studio. We make a copy of the original and then restore it back or as close as we can to the original. You get a digital copy of the original and the restored image.


We only graduate from high school once, we want to keep that memory alive for you. We have a consulting session and a questioner that you fill out so we can have the best session. You can come into the studio go on location or even both it is your choice. High school seniors can bring in items with them, such as sporting equipment, team jerseys, musical instruments, objects of their hobbies and interest, clothes and even pets.

Special Event

Special event photography runs all over the map, from a packed room at a 5 Star Hotel, a small corporate gathering in a small meeting space, proms, schools dances or your 60th wedding anniversary and so on. Whatever the situation, as the studio hired to capture the event. We have to know the ins and outs of this type of photography, regardless of the size or location of the event, we always get amazing images.


As a wedding photographer, we have the honor of capturing one of the most joyous moments of your life. We are with you from the moment you slip into your wedding gown, fasten the first button on your tux and see one another for the first time. We are with you for the first memories as husband and wife, it’s truly a joy that we hold close to our heart! I have been all over the country also out of the country to record weddings, it is always new and exciting for every wedding no matter the location or the country. As your wedding photographer it is up to us to capture your day just as you imagined. We record your wedding with a classic yet modern and photojournalistic style and we know when to step in then guide you to create those beautiful images. Your wedding day will go by so quickly and we believe that your images will bring those memories back. We also believe in preserving those memories for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come. During your wedding we are looking for those moments that might have been missed or forgotten, nothing makes us happier when we see your expression after showing you, your photographs. We want the feelings and emotions from your wedding to come flooding back to you when you see your images. Those moments, we capture are timeless visual heirlooms that will bring you back to your wedding day each time you open your wedding album.